NYU Tisch Grad Acting class of 2014 Presents Freeplay

Freeplay 2014

Feb.25th –
Mar. 2nd

Produced by Patrick Michael Kelly
and Julien Seredowych

A week-long play festival comprised of adapted and original work produced and performed by the Graduate Acting Class of 2014, in collaboration with the Department of Design for Stage & Film and the Graduate Dramatic Writing Program.

All performances at 721 Broadway, 5th floor


Always (Lost and Found) 
A perfect couple uncovers loneliness and desire lurking inside of their togetherness.
Devised by Jonathan Bock, Dina Shihabi and Fay Simpson
Directed by Fay Simpson
Featuring Jonathan Bock and Dina Shihabi
Lighting by Vadim Ledvin; Costumes by Mary Sievert; Set by Stephan Moravski
Performed with She Bit Her Tongue

Written and performed by Lily Balatincz and Dina Shihabi
Lighting by Chris Thielking

High Priestess of Soul
An original one act play about Nina Simone.
Featuring Christine Osuala with Jonathan Bock
Written and Directed by Laurence Maslon
Lighting by Kathrine Mitchell

A anachronistic and discursive reckoning with the often-idolized American former First Lady.
Directed by Kate Attwell
Dramaturgy by Emily Reilly
Featuring Libby Matthews
Lighting by Vadim Ledvin; Costumes by Liene Dobraja; Set by Adam Rigg

The Last Meal 
Death row/Dinner/Death
Written and Directed by Alia Attallah
Choreography by Michael Raine and Alia Attallah
Featuring Alia Attallah, Olivia Gilliatt, Patrick Michael Kelly, Jon Lavranos and Dina Shihabi
Lighting by Will Cotton
Performed with Roane

An East Coast love story.
Written, Directed and Performed by Ryan-James Hatanaka
Lighting by Abby Hoke-Brady; Set by William Roller

The Other Side
While traveling to the French countryside in the 1970s, a young American couple experience strange happenings which lead them to uncover a secret that should have stayed hidden.
Written by Sathya Sridharan with Olivia Gilliatt
Directed by Anne Troup
Featuring Kyle Cameron, Olivia Gilliatt, Arielle Goldman and Sathya Sridharan
Lighting by Alex Fabozzi; Set by Doss Freel

The Other Thing We Do
A meditation on inspiration, concentration, procrastination, dedication and inevitably some self-deprecation.
A Concert of original songs
Written and Performed by Kyle Cameron
Guest appearances by Austin Purnell (class of '13) and others
Lighting by Kathrine Mitchell

Nothing is unknowable forever. Quazar, a musical adventure, will remind you that sometimes there is no line between what is and what could be.
Book, Music and Lyrics by Ryan-James Hatanaka and Joshua David Robinson
Featuring Olivia Gilliatt, Ryan-James Hatanaka, Christine Osuala, Joshua David Robinson, Julien Seredowych and Sathya Sridharan
Lighting by Will Cotton

What breaks a rut? The pull of the sea. The laugh of mourning before anything changes. The man who invites you to dance as you finally walk along the waves. Whatever it is, it'll involve extraordinary risk and learning to trust again.
A short film by Casey Killoran and Lambkill Productions
Screened with The Last Meal

She Bit Her Tongue 
An exploration of the relationship between language and movement.
Written by Caryl Churchill
Choreographed and Performed by Lily Balatincz
Lighting by Vadim Ledvin
Performed with Always (Lost and Found)

A comedy in one act.
Written by Jon Lavranos
Directed by Joshua David Robinson
Featuring Alia Attallah, Kyle Cameron, Jon Lavranos and Joshua David Robinson
Lighting by Chris Thielking

Social Music
Original songs with the word "you" in them on the guitar by Julien Seredowych. Drinks will be served.
by Julien Seredowych
Lighting by Kathrine Mitchell

Sprit of '97
A musical exploration of the landscape of the teenage mind, featuring exciting arrangements of pop and rock songs from the late 90s and beyond.
Created by Patrick Michael Kelly
Featuring Patrick Michael Kelly and special guests
Musical Direction and Accompaniment by Will Shuler
Lighting by Kathrine Mitchell

To Life, L'Chaim
An original piece by Arielle Goldman.
Written, Directed and Performed by Arielle Goldman
Lighting by Abby Hoke-Brady

Where the Oaxaca Guy Was
Based on the true story of an illegal Mexican day laborer who was shot and killed by an NYPD officer in a Coney Island church parking lot, two NYU acting students go to extreme lengths to uncover the truth.
Written by Jim Tierney
Directed by Scott Illingworth
Featuring Jonathan Bock, Sathya Sridharan and Elsa Carrette
Lighting by Chris Thielking